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 Your the finger bike professionals? I need answers...Peace...

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PostSubject: Your the finger bike professionals? I need answers...Peace...   Wed Mar 18, 2009 5:06 pm

hey... What's up.. I'm Leader... I collect finger bikes..(new, unopened and of course in mint condition).. And I figured you people are the best resource I can find to answer my question? First of all, which is the best finger bike manufacturers?? Flick Trix, Road Champs, Tech bikes?? Let me know who makes the best finger bike on the market?? Second Question is I just recently bought 2 flick trix finger bikes on ebay... both redlines, but one was supposed to be a proline, and the other was supposed to be an XLR8R... But 2 XLR8R's showed up? No biggie, until I noticed that one WAS a proline, it was just packaged in an XLR8R package... Cool shit because that means it's a packaging error.. (yay... it's worth more).. But my question to all of you is how much is it worth? Does anybody out there know how much a Flick Trix packaging error is worth?? I'm not sure if I'm posting this message in the correct spot, but I'll copy it and throw it around some different spots later? Let me know... your the supposed professionals on the subject?? Unopened finger bikes RULE... (mint condition packaging of course!).. Remember, don't forget I need to know who makes the ultimate finger bikes? I appreciate the ones which you can completely take apart.. Let me know?
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Your the finger bike professionals? I need answers...Peace...
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